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Revista.doc is a journal of poetry, contemporary theory and aesthetics. Our purpose is to publish literary texts, essays, reviews, chapter of dissertations and thesis, translations and other contributions in literature and aesthetics research. We hope to be contributing to the improvement of international communication among universities and researchers. We publish texts in Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

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Below a list of all texts in English already published in Revista.doc.


The situation of Modern art in Adorno's Aesthetic Theory

Anna-Louise Kratzsch

She lived in the USA and Spain and has experienced a broad artistic education...


Nothing is going right

Erika Fraenkel

She's an artist, most known by her videoart works...


André Luiz Pinto  (português + english + español)

He’s a poet, philosophy teacher and nurse. Also an editor of the literary journal .doc...

Renato Rezende  (português + english)

A poet, writer and translator mainly of poetry, Philosophy and Contemporary Art...


Editor | Kelly Stenzel P. de Souza e Eduardo Guerreiro B. Losso
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